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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are trained medical professionals who treat individuals who have injuries or health-related problems that limit their ability to move or perform their daily tasks, including:

• Bathing
• Getting dressed
• Reaching overhead
• Doing buttons
• Grocery shopping
• Opening a package and jar
• Preparing food
• Lifting
• Grooming

As an outpatient you will be evaluated for a comprehensive review of your history, injury, diagnosis, and symptoms and a treatment plan will be developed specifically for you. Common diagnoses and areas of treatment are:

• Joint fractures
• Arthritis pain
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Tennis elbow
• Numbness and tingling in the arms/hands
• Difficulty performing daily activities affected by balance
• Customized splinting for improving performance of daily tasks
• Lymphedema Therapy evaluations for chronic swelling
• Stroke with difficulty using their affected limb
• Parkinsons Disease

Our therapy team develops a treatment plan for each individual consisting of therapeutic and functional exercises, modalities, trigger point and myofascial massaging, kinesio tapping, custom splinting, manual therapy, and compression wrapping. The overall goal is to improve function through:

• Increasing the joint range of motion
• Increasing muscular strength and endurance
• Improving flexibility and joint stability around a joint to provide better balance and posture

Scheduling an appointment is easy, convenient and flexible. We’ll schedule you fast, sometimes the same or next day. We do our best to schedule you within 24 to 48 hours of requesting your first appointment.

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