Reach your personal communication goals

Speech Therapy

Wherever you are in your speech therapy journey is the perfect place to start. 

What we specialize in:

• Public speaking and professional communication
• Voice disorders
• Aphasia
• Accent modification
• Gender-affirming voice
• Apraxia of speech
• Stuttering and fluency
• Dysarthria

Seamlessly fit speech therapy into your daily life. Whether you prefer specific days during the week, you'll receive exceptional care from our exceptional staff and Sealy Therapy & Wellness. 

Our speech team develops a formulated plan for each individual consisting of speech exercises such as formulated breathing, specific vocal structures, and vocal view learning techniques.

Watch your world open up, from the classroom to the boardroom and beyond. Feel more confident in society by strengthening your communication skills so you can express your thoughts with ease. 

Scheduling an appointment is easy, convenient and flexible. We’ll schedule you fast, sometimes the same or next day. We do our best to schedule you within 24 to 48 hours of requesting your first appointment.

How It Works

Sealy Therapy & Wellness has exceptional therapists in the Austin County area and accepts all major insurances and Medicare. Come see us! 

Call or submit a request

Reach and out give us the details so we can properly assign you an expert for your condition on future visits. 

Schedule an appointment

 Our clinic will reach out to you to find the best times that work for you schedule and give you a full run down on what to expect. 

Feel Better

Depending on what treatment was given to you, we will make sure you feel better each and every visit. 

Covered by insurance

Commercial Insurance

Same co-pay

You'll pay the same that you would pay to visit any other clinic, not a penny more. We accept all major insurances and Medicare. 


$0 per visit

Most Medicare plans with a secondary cover your entire cost. You'll pay nothing to Sealy Therapy & Wellness. 


Set cost per visit

You won't be charged until after your visit is completed. We take all major credit cards to make your experience convienent. 

Let's work toward your goals together

Sealy Therapy & Wellness is dedicated to help you not only achieve better communication habits but give you the confidence to express your thoughts and words to the rest of the world.